Prince Harry ‘losing’ Sussex brand: ‘What’s their brand?’

Prince Harry has just been warned against letting the true meaning behind his Sussex brand ‘become too far gone’.

Professor of Marketing from the Royal Holloway made this revelation, Pauline Maclaran, made this claim.

Her admissions have been made to Express UK, and during the course of her interview, she warned about future problems and said, “Harry has gone too far with his criticisms of the Royal Family. He is certainly not going the right away about this.”

“What is getting lost in all of this is the Sussex brand. What is the Sussex brand?”

“We know they are not allowed to use Sussex Royal anymore so they set up the Archewell Foundation, with Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio. The deals with Netflix and Spotify tie in with all of that.”

“But within all this furore and all of the discussions, all the talk is about the Sussexes, Harry and of course, the 'Spare', which are all sort of sub-brands that are floating around.”

“You don't hear a thing about Archewell and it seems that Archewell is getting completely lost in all of this other stuff.”

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