World's Richest Actors: 'Pathaan' starrer Shah Rukh Khan stands fourth on the list

Shah Rukh Khan has been listed among the top Richest Actors in the world.

A source revealed the list of the world’s richest actors out of which SRK stands fourth on the list from India.

Khan’s fame is not only recognized in India but also globally. He has proved himself to be one of the most phenomenal and talented actors of the entertainment industry and has now emerged as one of the wealthiest actors in the world having a net worth of INR 6,306 crore.

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actor has earned a huge amount of money from many Bollywood films like Raees. The actor is currently looking forward to his big release Pathaan which is due in theatres this January. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh also makes money by endorsing several brand and deals.

In total, the actor endorses 14 brands namely out of which some of the big names include: ICICI, Byju's, BigBasket, Hyundai Tag Heuer, and Lux. He also owns a production house by the name Red Chillies Entertainment which has produced some big grosser films like Bard of Blood and Badla.

As per Forbes, SRK’s average income is $38 million or INR 313 crore. He stood 6th on Forbes India’s 100 Celebrities list with annual earning of INR 124 crore in 2019.

World of Statistics shared the list of the top richest actors in the world that included: Jerry Seinfeld net worth $1 billion, Tyler Perry net worth ($1 billion), Dwayen Johnson (net worth $800 million), Shah Ruk Khan ($770 million), Tom Cruise ($620 million), Jackie Chan ($520 million), George Clooney ($500 million), Robert De Niro ($500 million), reports ETNow.

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