WhatsApp allows users to block someone right within notifications

Meta-owned WhatsApp has been introducing newer features and making the application's usage easy for its users. 

The instant messaging app is working on a block shortcut update right within the notification bar, WaBetaInfo reported Friday. Earlier, it announced an option to block the contacts right within the chat list. This time, the app has brought a shortcut for users. 

The new feature will allow users to block someone when they get a notification of their message on their phones. 

"WhatsApp plans to introduce a block shortcut within notifications but not always: the block shortcut is visible only when you receive a message from unknown and untrusted contacts," said the app tracking website. 

The feature is limited to untrusted contacts as users may tap on the block option by mistake when replying to someone through notifications, accidentally blocking their trusted contacts. 

The new feature will be available to users in the future update of the app. 

Media with caption
Earlier this week, the tracking app announced that WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through which users will be alerted about the ability to forward media with a caption.

The feature will allow users to push any type of media — images, videos, GIFs, and documents — to others by still keeping the caption, the app tracking website stated.

"The alert shows up when an image, video, GIF, or document with a caption is forwarded," it said.

Moreover, WhatsApp wants to ensure that its users are aware of the new feature by offering them the ability to remove the caption from the media during the forwarding process.

The feature is available to those who install the latest update of the app.

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