Chappli Kabab-a delicious food of KP starts roaring business in Ramazan

Chappli Kabab, the delicious food of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, started roaring business during the holy month of Ramazan as an upward boom is being witnessed in its takeaway service in the provincial capital for Iftar parties. Despite a significant increase in its prices in Peshawar, a great rush of buyers is being witnessed in shops of Chappli Kabab in city markets for Iftar these days due to its delicious taste and spiciness.

Against the fixation of Rs450 per kilogram official rate, the commodity is being sold on Rs 600 to Rs 700 per KG which needed to be checked by the district administration. Chappli Kabab’s history dated back to the Mughal era as they had a great influence on culture, art, architecture, and foods in the subcontinent. Derived its Chapli name from the Pashto word Chaprikh means ‘flat’, this key dish of Peshawar-origin had gradually expanded to other provinces of Pakistan even beyond borders. This traditional food item figures are high on hotels and restaurants’ menus in South Asian countries including Pakistan. "Chappli Kabab is my favorite dish and my Iftar seems incomplete without it," said Khayam Khan, an official of the Education Department while taking to APP at the historic Qissa Khwani bazaar. Since the start of the holy month of Ramazan, Khayam said that he regularly takes its two-kilogram parcel for my family as a special Iftar item.

The hotels and restaurants dealing with takeaway services of Chappli Kabab, Peshawari Polao, Chikens Achar, Haleem, Nehari, Biryani, and others have shined in Peshawar where people are being seen in front of these shops in substantial numbers to enjoy this delicious traditional food with their loved ones during Iftar parties. In Peshawar, there are about 300 famous outlets of Chappli Kabab mostly located in Firdaus, Nothia, Sikandarpura, Warsak Road, Bakhshi Pul, and Taru Jaba, and Qissa Khwani catering to the requirements of fasting Muslims. These days, a substantial number of buyers could be seen at historic Qisa Khawani, Namak Mandi, Hastnagri, Firdous, Warsak, and Ring Roads where myriad shops were opened to attract foodies to taste the tantalizing aroma of Chappli Kabab, Peshawari rice polao, Paye and others dishes in Iftar parties at home. More than 1,500 small Chappli kabab shops in and around Peshawar city are also existed, catering needs of shoppers.

"Since my childhood, my first choice is chappli kabab because it is a simple and cost-efficient dish with lots of taste, flavor, and spiciness," Zershan Khan, an employee of KP Government told APP.

"The south Asian countries have over dozens of popular kabab recipes such as shami, boti, seekh, Behari, Dehli, Lahori, and Kashmirs but none of them can compete with the world-famous Peshawari Chaplli kabab in taste and deliciousness," Arif Ahmed, owner of famous Jalil Kabab house at Firdus Peshawar told APP. He said the takeaway business of Chappli Kabab and Peshawari Polao get an upward boom in Peshawar these days as most people prefer to take these popular dishes of the subcontinent home for Iftar parties instead to enjoy it in hotels due to hot weather. Arif Khan said minced meat was being used in Chappli Kabab and once it is rightly crushed by experienced laborers, tomatoes, red chili powder, onions, dry coriander leaves, eggs, ginger, lemon juice, salt, masala, and pomegranate seeds go into its marinated meat.

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